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    Default Ap/Vip Emotes

    I noticed that often, when I am in a hangout or home, I get an error message saying I can't hug someone. This usually is resolved by relogging, but that takes up too much time.

    I was wondering if there is an easier way to fix this issue of unstable emotes. I have an AP, but not a VIP, but still, that should not mean that the emotes constantly freeze like that.

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    that happends to me but i dont re-log i travel to person that i wanna do emotion with

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    Default me too

    same error, happens randomly...rezoning works for me =)

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    Ditto Rz and Spendy

    I still wonder if theres a better way to fix it without having to rezone.

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    Kat - It's happened to me too, what I've noticed is that the e-mote box that is currently active does not have a name associated with it, or you have an e-mote box under it with no name. Close the box with no name, and it works again without re-logging.

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    oo Nice idea Sir_F ! Does that apply to P2P emotes ? if so, What other box are you talking about lol

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