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Thread: How do I make my avatar naked?

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    Default How do I make my avatar naked?

    When I try to take off all the clothing in the apartment it won't let me. How is it done?

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    Default Re: avatar naked...

    For this to work you have to have the access pass and set your home to access pass only. Then you can put on the access pass clothing. You can not get totally naked in Kaneva.

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    I think Kaneva has a decency policy?

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    For the sake of the minors in-world Kaneva has instituted the following patches/policies.

    No nudity in world...must have access pass to try, access pass items can only be accessed by access pass holders.

    No swearing in the public places.

    No flooding of text continuously in public places.

    Violators will be either warned or kicked out, depending on the severity of the actions.

    Kaneva Game Masters will show little mercy, first warning, 2nd kick...and so on. Game Masters have the option to not even warn but automatically kick.

    Have a great day!

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    No nudity at all? not even with the access pass? Not even in your house? This changes the whole meaning of 18 and over...

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    No, there is no full nudity. You can get down to your lingerie and underwear but that's as far as it goes.

    CS Team Lead.

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    Even before the patch you couldn't get totally naked, just down to your skivies.

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    Talking i have

    i have ben all the way nud 2 times some kind of bug

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    lol omg wow thats funny i wonder what u seen lol. but i dont like the idea u cant strip down to your underwhere in your own hangout or home

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    Wink Nudity LoL

    I am wondering why exactly any of you has the need to be completely naked, I can think of reasons, many juicy ones at that, but is it necessary....are we starting a colony now??? where is the beach LoL...

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