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    Exclamation Kaneva VIP

    We had notice that their is no emote that is new. May I make suggestion.

    Since St Patty's Day when you made us wee people. We know some of us did stay small, but as soon as we change something on our Avatar's We become big again.
    What would be cool is to make a emote that where we can become small anytime we want. You can add it to the special VIP package and I bet it would sell like crazy.....Even I would buy the VIP knowing that was in there. It would be special and only people with VIP can wear it once one become big again.

    I been asked so many times by people how can I get to be small. So if you want to sell more VIP package this is suggestion on how.

    Thank You


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    Wink 100% Agreed

    On the VIP special they said you get emotes and credits but when i check you dont need vip to use the emotes.... The only reason why i still have VIP is for the Interaction... I will really like to get small...

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    Use to be all free emotes. Than the hug and kiss emote is now use only with the VIP and AP. But true we do need something new.Thats why we need to let them know we want the small emote.

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