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Thread: Thank You for the Surprise Birthday Party

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    Talking Thank You for the Surprise Birthday Party

    I have to give special thanks to Starrynite for throwing such a wonderful Surprise birthday party. The Bon Jovi concert was a precious gift I will treasure in my memories.... Also to be thanked is The Movemaster for providing his Country Estate for the Part-Taaayy.. lol ....Akos thanks so much for spinning for us. - I think there were others involved in the planning but I'm not sure who since it was a surprise party. Thanks to those behind the scenes you helped make the night special for me.

    There were so many friends that showed up despite Kaneva's server problems that night. Thanks to you all.... The Primary reason for me continuing to show up in Kaneva is the friendships I have made. I love Kaneva and I love my Kaneva Friends. Thanks so much for a wonderful time on my Birthday December 1, 2007 - and yes I turned 29 again.... lol


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    Thumbs up

    Great Party and you deserve it all!
    All the involved congrats... I had a great time.


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    Thumbs up Happy Birthday 9!

    Once again I missed something great that was for probably one of the best friends I have here. I'm glad to know your party went well 9. I'm just sorry I missed it. I would have loved to been there to share it with you and all your many friends. Hope you have many many more! You deserve the best because you are a great insperation to so many! (Can't wait to be back in Kaneva full time again!)

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    Default Belated Happy Birthday Ms Books!

    Miss Books, I was also unable to attend but heard that it was just wonderful, as are YOU!! 29 is such a special age *chuckles* Belated birthday wishes because you certainly deserved them! Congrats on getting the book done in time for Christmas Holidays, I have a collection of your books and must check this out! Take care and Merry Christmas since I may be otherwise occupied! ;
    Admiringly yours LH

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    Default Whooot!!! It Was Great!!!

    HEY BOOKS!! YOU'RE THE BEST GIRL!! AND U DESERVE THE BEST - ALWAYS!!! Had a great time! what a hoot!! Especially when u got into that song!! Dang girl u can head bang good!!! WHOOHOOO!! 29 hunn?? thought u were only 28?? LMAO!! LOVE YA GIRL!! BLESSINGS

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    Red face Kaneva

    Can I create an avatar

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